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  Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I have converted my '94 Toyota Tercel to run on an electric motor and batteries. Here you will see step by step the work we have done, the obstacles we've dealt with, and the successes we've had. Flip through some of the pages to see what we're up to. The project is mostly completed. For a quick laugh, take a quick look at our sister site


Special Thanks

There are many people that have helped along the way. Some have gotten their hands dirty in the shop, and some have provided the information needed to get the job done.


Donn Poland of Poland's Bus Service All the work performed was at his shop. He is also a wealth of information.
Ed My father and partner in this project. It would not have been attempted without his help.
Matt My brother and the mechanic of the family.  
Dylan My brother who's always willing to burn a weekend at the shop with me.  
Doug A great welder who's been a great help on this project.
Allen Grover Allen worked for the company I bought my components from. He no longer works there, but he was always willing to answer any of my questions. Allen, please contact me with your new email address.
Gavin from New Zealand Reading through his conversion website gave me the confidence that I could actually make this happen. Thanks Gavin!
My wife Brandy 'cause she said I could.
She sure is swell!
Jellison Technologies, LLC Like it says above - the car and the site would not have been built if it were not for them.


"The defining issue of our generation is and will continue to be energy. Unless steps are taken to reduce and eliminate dependence on fossil fuels, the luxuries of our childhoods will become the burdens of our children. It's not about the environment and it's not about politics- it's about the survival of modern civilization"

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